Just a week left…

This is, without a doubt, the least prepared I’ve been for a race. Race day is just over a week away and I’m doing a lot of finger crossing. I’m healthy, injury-free, and in surprisingly good condition, so I’m not terribly worried about finishing in a reasonable (for me) time. I just haven’t done enough training with the stroller, with Rowan. He loves going for runs, but will he be in a good mood on Saturday? Will the weather be kind? Will he get sick if it’s cold and rainy? He’s already got a bit of a cough, and I’d hate for him to get sick.

It’s strange, worrying about a race. I’ve been nervous before, about getting a PR or something. But running has never been a social affair for me, so I’m feeling out of control just a bit. Then again, it’ll work out, I’m sure of it.

I hope he loves it. Since it finally reached spring-like weather, Rowan has absolutely loved to be outside. He’s a lot like me in that way (and lots of other ways as well)–he needs sunshine, fresh air. He is also a hopeless extrovert like his dad. He loves being around people, he loves gatherings and parties. So I think he’ll get a kick out of the race–lots of air, lots of people and noises and sights.

That’s it for now, the last week will involve some more stroller runs, keeping Rowan healthy and happy, and gearing up for the big day!