Check Engine Lights + The Love of Rowing

I wish I had more to report lately. For some reason, I’ve kind of been in a perpetual state of injury. They’ve all been minor, and probably due to a familiar issue for me, overtraining. The difference lately, though, is that I’m finding ways to deal with injury other than complete rest and running injured. Enter the rowing machine.

I found the rowing machines at my gym, and decided it might be a good way to get cardio + core strength building while staying off of my feet. My issues, by the way, have ranged from a sore ankle to IT band discomfort, so at times, biking wasn’t helpful. As it turns out, rowing is a fantastic and challenging cross training activity–I’ve continued it once a week and think it’s having a positive impact.

We’re still waiting for spring in Fargo, which means I haven’t logged significant outdoor miles, let alone training with the stroller. It’s supposed to reach the mid-60s this weekend, so I plan to take Rowan out for an 11 miler. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Check Engine Lights + The Love of Rowing

  1. I read somewhere that the rowing machine is the best for overall fitness – it works nearly every muscle in the body – back, arms, core and even neck. I looked to buy one a few years back but they are hard to find.

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